Saturday, June 17, 2017

0025: Hello, Motter...

...Hello, Fodder? Fodder for the blog at least. Last week I promised to find some obscure bits of early Mr. X that weren't included in the recent paperback edition of Mister X Volume 1 from Dark Horse. I found just that in a fund-raiser one-shot from 1986.

The name Artworx has since been appropriated by numerous Canadian businesses, including a glass-works studio in Barrie, a tattoo parlor in British Columbia and a home improvement advisor (sort of like the American Angie's List) in Toronto. The address listed in the indicia is about a half mile from Seneca college, in North York, according to Google Maps. The wraparound cover is a group effort, laid out by Anthony Van Bruggen with the characters' creators or featured artists drawing the individual characters. The complete credits can be found on the scan of the inside cover, below. For this post, I should point out that Dean Motter drew Mr. X (or "X!", as his sunglasses would have it) and the colors were provided by Paul Rivoche. Ken Steacy provided the colors and the logo for the project was done by Ken Steacy.

I don't know if it's a coincidence that in the 90's Toronto had a band named Pecola whose drummer was also named Gideon Steinberg (the editor who wrote the text piece for the inside front cover). If so, it must also be a coincidence that their bassist was named Craig Thompson, since the comics creator Craig Thompson ("Blankets") was working in Oregon at the time.

Anyway, Motter drew the Mr. X art seen below, from page 36 of the 40 interior pages, all B&W. This was for the same price as a Cerebus comic at the time, and they ran about 28 interior pages.

The scene looks like it may have occurred before issue #1, two years earlier, as Mr. X returns to Somnopolis. (He's already nomadic when the series starts.) Although this came out in the summer of 1986, I'm confident I've got some stray bits from even earlier.

I'm going to be sifting through more fanzines and benefit comics, as well as general anthologies. We'll see what gets caught in the Sieve.


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