Thursday, May 11, 2017

0010: Hamming It Up

The American Radio Relay League (which you can reach yourself at: The ARRL Home Page ) has been zipping around the planet in their underwear long before the internet became a household mainstay. I'm not sure what prompted them to join forces with Archie Comics to produce this free promotional comic, but a decade later, they reissued it. The copy I have is from the late 90's, but the original is from 1986. The differences are subtle; the interior pages are printed on recycled paper and a text piece has changed its title. Otherwise, not much really needed to change. The advisors listed in the indicia have even included their call signs, which, if you're a serious ham operator I'll get a magnifying glass and pass on to you.

Below we have the front cover and inside front cover:


The fact that the introductory text is entitled "Parents' Page!" should indicate that the ARRL was hoping to reach a new generation and it makes sense that ten years later they would need to do so again. Yet, in the late 90's, Marvel themselves made several attempts to reach younger audiences. (i.e., "Adventures of Spider-man" in 1996, "Spider-man: The Manga" in 1997, "Spider-man: Chapter One" in 1998 and "Spider-man Unlimited" in 2000, not to mention reprints of the original 1960's stories and series like "Untold Tales of..." and "Web-Spinners" which expand on that period. Similar titles for the X-Men characters and "Marvel Adventures" tied into televised cartoons popped up often.) By 2007 it probably would have been more helpful to create a ham radio oriented video game.

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