Thursday, May 18, 2017

0013: Suit Piece Three

The third Action Suits vinyl 7" single is actually the british version of "Fun Flies", with a different B-side, different sleeve art and once again a different label. Wiiija Records of London is probably better known for acts like Cornershop and Bis but they've also released an album and several singles by an act called Sgt. Rock. I never said that I had every comics-related rock record, so if anybody out there knows if that band (or guy?) uses comic art in their/his/her packaging, let me know.

Side A: "Fun Flies" (written by Eric Reynolds)
Lead Vocals: Eric
Trial-off groove: "Simon- The Exchange WIJ52A"
Produced by Steve Fisk
Running time: 2:56

Eric Reynolds: Guitars
Andy Schmidt: Bass, additional Guitar
Peter Bagge: Drums, Percussion, Harmony Vocals

Side B: "Your Soft Light" (written by Eric Reynolds and Peter Bagge)
Lead Vocals: Eric and Pete
Trail-off groove: "Simon- The Exchange WIJ52B"
Produced by Steve Fisk
Running time: 2:53

Eric Reynolds: Guitars
Andy Schmidt: Bass
Peter Bagge: Drums, Acoustic Guitar

If you look closely, you may notice that the sleeve is die cut in the center to show the hand-lettered label of the record itself. The labels of the previous two records were typeset. The women on the sleeve are Valerie and Lisa, Buddy's girlfriends from the Bagge comic book series "Hate". When these songs were recorded in March 1996, "Hate" #22 was being released and the series had switched from B&W to color about two years earlier, Buddy and Lisa moved to the suburbs and Valerie was seen less and less.

The Simon named in the trail-off grooves is Simon Davey, an engineer with his own mastering facility in London called The Exchange. Both sides also have the name of the pressing plant-- Damont.

I'm just going to round out this post with two more pages from the 2006 CD booklet:

Next post will probably be something relatively mainstream from comics. We'll see.

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