Saturday, May 27, 2017

0017: Change of Suits

With all seven of the songs which were recorded in March 1996 finally released on vinyl singles (on four different labels), The Action Suits needed to record new material, but they would have to do it without Peter Bagge. While their original drummer, Al Columbia, didn't perform on the new single, he was available to do the sleeve art:

This time the record label was Spot On! but there's no indication on the packaging or the record itself what the catalogue number would be. The trail-off grooves each have "ASV-001-" followed by either "A" or "B" as appropriate. One would have to guess that denotes "Action Suits Vinyl", but that's only a guess. There is a London record label called Spot On, without the exclamation mark and with a different logo, but it releases only house and trance. Here's the interior:

The note straddling the crease says, "Thanks to Steel Wool for equipment, John Troutman for the Mustang, Joe Sacco and Chelsea Cain for cheerleading, Steve Fisk for being the coolest guy in the world, Al Columbia, John Ramberg, Jeremy Eaton & Pete Bagge for inspiration, and Rhea Patton for everything else. All proceeds donated to the Humphrey Muskie Preservation Society." Either there used to be a town in Washington called Humphrey with an endangered fishing area that's no longer on the map or they're simply referring to the unsuccessful 1968 Democratic Presidential ticket of Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie.

 Both songs were recorded on June 28th, 1997 at the Rathutch in Ballard, WA by Zach Aubrey on 4-track.
Mixed by Mr. Steve Fisk. There is no producer or running times given. These songs are also not included on the compact disc compilation released in 2006.

Both songs written by Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds: Guitar & Vocals
Andy Schmidt: Bass
Chris Jacobs: Drums
Demian Johnston: Lead Guitar

About ten years after this, Chris Jacobs was the General Manager of SubPop Records. Demian Johnston is a prolific mainstay on the the Seattle music scene playing with (and as) a variety of group names. He also works in design and print-making.

All that remains for the discography (to my knowledge) is the CD compilation.

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